Set Min LOD BP node tooltip and description in the docs seem to be incorrect

I was working with LODs and was trying to wrap my head around Set Min LOD until I stumbled upon this documentation:…LOD/index.html which says in #5 the following:

which makes sense, but doesn’t match with what Set Min LOD BP node tooltip and description in the docs says:

Confusing, least to say.

Hey motorsep! Thanks for pointing this out to us. I’ve made a ticket so we can look into updating that page. Thanks again and please let us know if you spot anything else that looks off.

It is confusing! But it also is accurate in a way. LOD 0 is the most complex (most triangles), and the highest number LOD is the most simplified. So the effect of this setting is to limit how complex the mesh is allowed to be. As the long description says, if you put 2 as the default, the engine will be allowed to use LOD 2, LOD 3, 4, etc, but not 0 or 1. So by using this control to set a lower limit on the LOD number that can be chosen, you’re effectively limiting the maximum complexity of the mesh. That’s what the tooltip means when it says “does not go below” – the LOD number the engine selects won’t “go below” the LOD number you choose.
Like, you’re setting the minimum LOD level, you’re not setting the minimum mesh complexity. You’re setting the maximum complexity by setting the minimum LOD level. :slight_smile:
I agree the tooltip could be rewritten for clarity.