Set Maximum Texture Size missing in Blueprint Editor

Hi there,

i’m trying to build an Editor Utility Blueprint to set Maximum Texture Size on selected Texture Assets. Unfortunately, the one setter I need seems to be missing in the Blueprint Editor.

“Get Maximum Texture Size” is available but no “Set Maximum Texture Size”.

Thanks in advance for the help!

(I’m working on a 4.27 custom build, but the nodes should be the same as non-custom)

It is a public variable so you can write a C++ function without even having to alter the engine code.

If you have to have the get node though, simply mark it as BlueprintReadWrite in your custom build.

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Thanks for the reply,
i just figured out that a “Set Editor Property” node with “MaxTextureSize” as prop will do the job as well.

I’m new to this, so sorry if the question was rather nooby ^^


Find “Resize Texture”