"Set max walk speed" node ramps up to max speed for some reason, instead of being constant

Using the stock third person project I wanted to change the movement speed of the character because it felt a little slow and unresponsive to me. I tried using the “set max walk speed” node but if I set it to let’s say 3000, which is much faster than normal walk speed, when I give input to move forward the character starts out moving slowly and then after a few seconds gets up to the 3000 speed that I set. I even tested it to make sure it wasn’t my imagination by using a “get velocity” node and printing to the screen. And sure enough it was doing exactly what I thought it was. Is there any other way to change the character speed that will make the movement speed constant? I feel like there must be some setting somewhere that I could change since it must have been set in the first place. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Change max acceleration in the character movement component in the blueprint maybe?