Set material via blueprints

I did a pretty sloppy blueprint for a UI system on a project, I wanted it to be 3d so I used cubes and put a text material on for my title screen and then used set up a simple ‘on begin cursor over’ ‘set material’ which uses a different font in italics but when i render the lighting it breaks the material that is set when the cursor hovers over.

(The forums wont let me post images so i’ve left a link instead)

Just wondering why its doing this and if theres any quick fix, doesnt need to be perfect just working (this is just a small project) :slight_smile:

you could use a movable light and use dynamic shadows for that part of your scene, its breaking because lightmass bakes the lighting info into the material and when you change it that info needs to be recalculated

Your geometry needs to be marked movable.
Also, you can put real UMG widgets in the 3D scene, too. That might be better depending on specifics of what you need for the UI.