set material tessellation mode via python

Is there a way to set material’s D3D11Tessellation Mode via Python?
I’ve tried two ways for far but failed.

mat_selected.set_editor_property("d3d11_tessellation_mode", 2)

LogPython: Error: TypeError: Material: Failed to convert type ‘int’ to property ‘D3D11TessellationMode’ (ByteProperty) for attribute ‘d3d11_tessellation_mode’ on ‘Material’
LogPython: Error: TypeError: NativizeProperty: Cannot nativize ‘int’ as ‘D3D11TessellationMode’ (ByteProperty)

mat_selected.d3d11_tesselation_mode = 2

LogPython: Error: Exception: Material: Property ‘D3D11TessellationMode’ for attribute ‘d3d11_tessellation_mode’ on ‘Material’ is read-only and cannot be set

What do I miss?