Set material - More than 1 element index?

Hi, This is just a quick question. It’s not an issue… just curiosity as it will save me some time and add a little blob of optimization. :slight_smile:

Ok so I’ve set the “o” key to change a material on a character mesh.
Here is a screen shot of what I’m currently doing:

So as the image shows I am using 2 set material nodes for 2 element indexes which are 0 and 2.
I’m just wondering if I can use 1 set material node for both element indexes?


Realise this is an old post but incase anyone stumbles on it looking for an answer.

There’s no way to set materials of both within one node without creating a ludicrous amount of extra work for yourself. You could technically create a ForLoop that cycles through the element indexes, set it to ignore elements you don’t wish to adjust and to execute a materials change when you do. But in all honesty, for setting individual elements materials, what you’ve done is the most optimised way.


I was thinking, isn’t an option to create an array of indexes, or just a list of numbers and connect that to the Set Material Index? or something like that?

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Wow this is old just make your self your own node lol.