Set Master Pose on Clients not in sync

Hi all you awesome & epic developers!

We’ve run into a problem, which I might have to request some help for…

I have different skeletal meshes for clothing, in this case some pants… They are sharing the same skeleton as the character and I have tried replicating “Set Master Pose” function. Allthough it all seems to work fine for owning clients and server.

But whenever a client see’s another client running, the clothes appears to be pushed out from the body. I have ofcause no collision on clothes and the weird part is, that after Ive jumped or crouched a few times, it all starts to work like I want it to.

In-game screenshot:

Blueprint screenshot:

In-game video link:

I have the same problema help us!

I know it’s been a while, but you can disable the network smoothing on the character’s movement component and that removes the problem. Maybe there’s a way to add the movement component with replication to the skeletal meshes instead of just disabling all-together?

I know it is old post but i found solution.
I tried as “iamisandisnt” suggested above. it works but animation becomes choppy.

All you need to do is make cloth skeletal mesh child of character mesh in your character blueprint. even if you are adding skeletal mesh component via blueprint then attach cloth component to main skeletal component.

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