Set LineTrace actor to ignore its own class?

Hi folks,

I have a BP class which has both a Query Only collision volume and casts LineTraces to the player. My problem is that I need the LineTraces from that BP class to ignore the Query Only collision volumes of all other actors in its same class—currently the volume of the right cylinder is blocking the raycast of the left cylinder, when I want only the cylinder itself and not the collision volume to block.

I know there’s a settable “Actors to Ignore” array in LineTrace but if that’s the right approach I don’t know how to set that class within the array.

Currently the both the collision volume and the LineTrace use the Visibility channel. Should I instead set up a custom trace channel?


Any help is appreciated.

If you got a lot of cylinders I’d go for the custom channel, if you have only two you could use the node “make array” and add those two to the ignore list.

Screenshot 2020-10-13 190725.png