Set Linear Z Limit - Physics Constraint

Hello I’m trying to make a fishing game and I’ve been using the Cable Component and physics constraint which works (when it chooses to work). I have the cable attached to the physics component as that was the only way the cable length seemed to adjust with the linear zlimit. And when I hit call the cast event it works and “reel up” it also works

This issue is, this is not always the case and really only completely works under the perfect circumstances (being I don’t hit any other key except the key to call the “cast” event first.) I don’t have any event or function that causes this so I don’t know why it happens and I was hoping someone with more experience might know whats going on.

Attached is a video of the situation. In the video, I first show the simple events, then I show my test key to call the events. After that I show that it worked the first time and on the top left hand you can see the float the represents the limit and how it changes as I tap. The next time I test the game you will see that the z limit is suppose to be 50 due to me calling the “cast” event however it doesn’t change.

This is what I was hoping to get help on. Thank You

Here is an update,

I noticed when the hook moves I know it will work but once it stops swinging, thats when it’s locked in place. If it helps identify the problem

So the issue is with the constraint motor. What worked for me is adding “simulate physics” at the beginning of the event for casting however the answer for something that needs constant physics constraint would have the simulate physics on an event tick or for less usage you can you a time by event set to loop at a certain time