Set Level Transform of Streaming Level is only affecting part of the level

We’re currently using Level Streaming to load a static level at the end of procedural content seamlessly.

When we’re doing this, we set the level transform to be positioned at the end of our procedural content so it looks seamless, currently while doing this everything except for the buildings we have in the level moves. We can’t seem to figure out why our buildings aren’t moving with the rest of the level.

Here’s our level transform function:

And here’s some of the world outline, none of these Brushes get moved.

We’re at a loss for why this is happening, any help would be appreciated. To be clear we’re running this in Standalone as we’re aware of the bug with setting level transforms in PIE mode. This is occuring in Standalone.

BSP brushes have to be converted to static meshes for the level transform to work correctly.

Hope this plugin can help you.