Set keyboard focus Editable Text (Multi-Line)


I just simply wounder how I can SetKeyboardFocus to a Editable Text (Multi-Line) Widget? I’ve tried the the “SetKeyboardFocus” and “SetInputModeGameAndUI” nodes but no success.
My aim is to have a level setting widget where you’re able to input text.
It works ok when having set ShowMouseCursor to true, but I’d like to be able to also set focus and input text only by handle the keyboard.


I could get it to focus, not with SetKeyboard focus, but with the standard SetFocus. However, it also forces my mouse to show onscreen. Quite a shame it seems that there isn’t a solution otherwise. I even tried using the SetFocus, and then immediately after setting the “ShowMouseCursor” back to false, and it still forced it to be visible.