Set instance parameter of general Particle Systems in level BP

Hi guys.
I’m new to BP and I have a noob question here. So can you please tell me how to use level BP and get “WindDirectionalSource” strength, speed and Rotation vector and set them as my Particle Systems instanced parameters with same names. I mean I want to control all of my PSs with level single wind source. Also I don’t want to reference all PSs in level BP just cast to all PSs in level with those “parameter names”.
Please help me, I’m stuck.
Thank you

If you have a particle system(or PS instance in your case) that is already placed in the level, you can simply select it and go into the level blueprint.

From inside the BP editor, right click and toward the top you’ll see get reference to “particlesystemnamehere.” Once you have that, you can directly control that single specific PS.

Inside the actual PS, you need to make sure you have a variable input parameter set up somewhere in there for whatever parts you’re trying to change. To do so, you click on the distribution drop down and select the option that says parameter. You need to name it to something specific that you can remember and it’s case sensitive. If you named it WiNdCOnTrOl, the it will have to be typed exactly like that in the BP editor.

Now back in the BP editor, when you pull off the PS node, search for set vector parameter. NOTE: Some variables aren’t vectors and you’ll need to search for their type accordingly. When in doubt, just pull off the PS node and type parameter and select the type that corresponds with your variable inside the PS.

In the parameter name portion, input the exact name you chose in the PS. Now you can directly control it from the BP.

Yeah man, thank you for the reply. But I meant for all instanced PSs that level designers would place in a level. Actually I saw a wind system in Marketplace that would do this. So I wanted to know about the ways for recreating that. It’s the link if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Oh then all you’d need to do is make a gameplay tag for “canreceivewind” or something like that, select all of the flame emitters and add that tag. Then in the level BP, you can just run a get all actors of tag and control them that way. Just make sure they all share that same variable name. I don’t have the editor open, but it should work!

I’m not familiar with tags, maybe I should search about them. Thank you, I will post here if I succeed to do this.

This should help you get started: