Set Input Mode UI or Game Only for multiple players

I’m currently building a local multiplayer pvp game. Both players spawn and are controllable.

I originally had an issue where the mouse would not disappear after leaving the main menu and entering the level (I set “Show Mouse Cursor” to false; it required an additional click to get rid of the cursor). In order to get rid of this issue I used the “Set Input Mode Game Only” and set the target to Player1’s player controller after disabling show mouse cursor. This works for getting rid of the cursor as soon as I leave my main menu, BUT this prevents Player2 from being able to play since I am setting only Player1 to control the game. Is there any way to set multiple players to the input mode?

Also when I enter the pause menu I would like both players to be able to control the widget. Same issue; how would I set multiple players to the Set Input Mode UI Only node?

Nevermind…You just set both player controllers to the Input mode sequentially… lol