Set Input Action Blocking not working

No matter what i do, i cannot get the “Set Input Action Blocking” node to actually block my input when the widget is visible on screen.

Screenshot 2022-01-09 182116

Nor the equivalent option from inside the Class Defaults either.

Screenshot 2022-01-09 182139

Be it in my current or a new empty project to avoid any shenanigans. Essentially i cannot reproduce this behavior presented here: WTF Is? Set Input Action Blocking in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube
I cannot find any mentions of this node anywhere, except a single comment underneath that video.

Is this a bug? Should i file a ticket? Can anyone confirm?

The solution is to use a “Listen for Input Action” node before calling it regardless if you need one or not. Absolutely idiotic but it works.