Set Ignore Look Input is lagging behind?

So I have the following thing set up:

I am using an adjusted version of the FPS template, combined with the top-down template for moving the player.
This is what my ‘right-click’ is doing:

  • When I right-click, and the mouse is not moved (less than 10 pixels) before releasing, then a ‘Get hit result’ is run to move the player to the location.
  • When I right-click, and the mouse is moved (more than 10 pixels), a ‘view mode’ is started, and moving the mouse rotates the camera.
  • When the right mouse button is released, the ‘view mode’ is disabled again, setting the static camera for the mouse movement.

Picture below shows that ‘right click pressed’ is set to true when the button is pressed, and both ‘right click pressed’ and ‘view mode’ are set to false when the mouse button is released.
The picture below shows that ‘Ignore look input’ is set by using this boolean for ‘view mode’.
Then, when ‘right click pressed’ is set to true, and ‘view mode’ to false, the offset of the cursor is calculated. If this exceeds 10 pixels, then ‘view mode’ is set to true, setting the parameter ‘New Look Input’ to false (see second image), therefore allowing ‘look input’.

However, the problem is, that whenever the parameter ‘New Look Input’ is set to false, that it takes a long time (1-5 seconds), before a movement of the mouse actually moves the camera. I have checked with debug, and the lines show that ‘New look input’ is set to false instantly. Also the mouse cursor is disabled instantly.

So how come that it takes time for the camera to accept ‘Look input’, but that the mouse cursor (function after the look input function) is disabled instantly?

I hope I am somewhat clear about the problem, and if more information is needed, let me know :slight_smile: