Set Hidden In Games

Evening all,

I am trying to make everything in the way of my pawn invisible, such as a top down where you go inside a building.

This is the Blueprint im using, however it will only make door frames etc dissapear, stuff that was provided in starter stuff, wont make my walls or roof disappear.

Any clues?

Go through some typical debuging stuff. What do the line traces look like, if you use a print screen to see the name of the actor hit, what does it do when it tries to hit the roof.

Also, wouldn’t this never make it visible again when your character is no longer obscured by the object?

Try printing out the name of the actor that the trace hits. Are your walls made from the BSP brushes by any chance? I don’t use them myself but I’m not sure if a trace recognizes these as Actors. Try converting them to static meshes and see if that works.

I would rather use a Materiel than actually hide the mesh itself, you then don’t lose shadows and collision.

I have a feeling your walls are BSP, is this the case?

Hello, sorry for the late reply,

@_cDub - Yes thats the case, they dont come back :frowning:

@Ghiest - That sounds like a great idea, will look into that

@Jak Carver - Yes thats right, have made the small building out of BSP. Im guessing this is not the way to go???

Thanks Again.