Set Global time Dilation not working on mobile

Running UE4 4.7.2
Setting global time dilation works 100% when testing on pc. However on a mobile device once packaged, time dilation is only affecting some objects. Like UMG objects but has no affect on other parts of the game.

To reproduce this you can create a vehicle standard template game, set global time dilation and package and test it on an iphone and a android device.

The only things affected with time dilation will be your UMG and thats about it.
Nothing else is sped up.

Howdy Crocopede,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have been testing out this issue and have not been able to repro it so far. How do you currently have your blueprints set up in your project? Here is a screen shot of mine:

I am able to turn on the Time dilation by entering a console command. Would this be how you have your BP set up in your project?

Also, what devices would you be using when you are testing this issue? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

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Currently when you click the play button it sets time dilation up by 4 times.
So the event is triggered from UMG. The reasoning behind the approach was / is to leave the game speed normal until you press play as my menu screen is in the level.

Perhaps that is why it is only applying to my Widgets and not the rest of the game. I can see my widgets disappearing at an extremely fast rate but the rest of the game runs at normal speed.

But now that i think of it, i am running another time dilation event later in the game when you die. Except then i execute it from the Pawn and not from UMG. And this one seems to apply to everything except UMG.

Almost like UMG global time dilation is not effected but normal actors / pawns and vice versa.

Working when run from Pawn

Not working when run from Widget

Oh yes. I am testing on an Iphone5C and on a LG G2 android device.

Hello Crocopede,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report (UE-11531) and I have submitted to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available. Thank you for you time and information.

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