"set global time dilation" affect camera movement - super blurry


  • I tried to add “set global time dilation” to 0.01 to test the slow motion.
  • World is slowed down, but the camera movement make a super blurry motion, which affect the vision.
  • In the tutorials about “set global time dilation” I don’t see anyone is experiencing my issue with the camera.
  • Is there anything I am missing or setting I need to do with the camera as well?


  • I created a brand new “Third person” template, and it will still have the camera super blur issue.
  • I tried to make my character to be normal speed, but the camera blur issue still exist (with custom time dilation)

===So far found===

  • If you disable “motion blur” in project settings, the camera issue can be resolved, but motion blur cannot be activated with the “global time dilation”
  • You can use “custom time dilation” on the character itself and character can be slowed and world is not blurred, but it is less likely useful since every object around you is still in normal speed.
  • You can use “console command” like “slomo 0.1”, that will slow the the entire world as slow motion, but it might has some limitations due to the entire world (including yourself) is slowed.

===Any other suggestions or possible solution to this matter is greatly appreciated===

having same issue, they told it will be resolved for 4.27

if anyone sort this out, let us know? thanks!!