Set/Get Child Actor Variable(s) inside function

I’m wondering if it exist any way to set or get Variable from a Child Actor inside the construction script or Functions in a blueprint, and if not can it be a new feature in next versions ?

Actually you can only set child actor variable on the Details tab of the component, here is an example of one child actor with 2 Variables, Variable 01 a Float and Variabe 02 a Boolean :


Here is some “fakes” of what I would like to do :

Or like in this way :

Good idea ? Tell me :wink:

Yes I know, it works on functions like BeginPlay or anything, but it doesn’t work on the construction script.

An example :
My child actor is a lamp, on his own construction script I put a boolean, when it’s true : the light turn ON.

But if I set this boolean “true” on an other construction script inside an other blueprint, through a childactor with a Cast, it doesn’t work.

The construction script of my childactor :

The construction script of the main blueprint :

Like that, the lamp (ChildActor) won’t turn ON

How to do that ?

Ok I’ve created it, but I don’t know how to use it x)

You have to use the nodes GetChildActor and then cast it to the correct actor. Then it works.


You never call the super construction script so it is never executed. Call the super construct function.

Right click on the construction script node and select add call to parent script or something similar.

up please ?