Set GEngine->StereoRenderDevice

I made a Plugin with a class implementing IStereoRendering (almost the same as FFakeStereoDevice) and then in the StartupModule I create an instance of my class and then set the GEngine->StereoRenderDevice to the instance. All went ok until I play the project in a Standalone Game then it crashes. It isn’t setable the StereoRenderDevice out of the UnrealEngine.cpp? If that’s the case, how can I change de InitializeHMD of the engine and then compile it to work (I have tried to make changes to the InitializeHMD in the UnrealEngine.cpp but it seems that it still uses the “old” engine).

have you found any solution?

Can you show some code?

Hi, please visit the “iLocalPlayer” UE4 C++ Plugin on UE4 Marketplace: iLocalPlayer4UE4 in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Functions of this plugin: 1. Side-by-Side Stereo 3D implementing; 2. Asymmetric projection(or named asymmetric view frustum) implementing.

Hope this helps you.