Set FOV in PlayerCameraManager

I can retrieve the PlayerCameraManager and its FOV quite easilly.
But I am unable to Set the FOV. There is no ‘Set FOV’ node.

Can any Blueprint experts help?

You need to set the FOV via the Camera Component. (that’s why it says “Target is Camera Component”). You can also get the FOV from the Camera Component. To get a reference to the Camera Component, you could:

  1. Add a “Get Player Controller” node
  2. Dragging off of that, add a “Get View Target” node
  3. Find the Camera Component via GetComponentByClass

Or, if you could get a reference in a simpler way, do that.

I think the PlayerCameraManager is meant to be an abstraction layer of the current camera, which is useful when you are switching between many cameras. However, in most cases, it’s just best to use the Camera Component itself.

Hope this helps

Thanks. Tried your suggestion but after getting the camera component unable to set FOV (attached)

PlayerCameraManager works but I need to somehow expose and set the FOV variable from elsewhere.

Initially, you were trying to set the Field of View.

Now, you’re trying to set the Default FOV, which is part of the PlayerCameraManager. This “Default FOV” is not what you are looking for.

Drag off of the GetComponentByClass node and place a new “Set Field of View” node.

Also, you set the “Component Class” of GetComponentByClass to “Cine Camera Component”, but it needs to be just “Camera Component”.