Set Foreground Color

I tried Set Foreground Color but nothing happening, why?

From the documentation you’ve linked:

“Sets the foreground color of the widget, this is inherited by sub widgets. Any color property that is marked as inherit will use this color.”

I suspect you either have no sub widgets or their color is not marked as inherit.

Forgive me if I’m totally wrong but that was my mistake the first time I used this node :slight_smile:

You’re are totally right. I use this oftenish. It helps keeping colour scheme in check, quickly iterate through different looks or even recolour the entire UI.

Example usage:

  • disable Inherit it in the root element, set it to some colour
  • enable Tint’s Inherit it in the child

Foreground color of the root will now override child’s tint.

Imagine having 20 elements in sub-menus, rather than changing all of them, have them inherit Foreground Color from something above them in the hierarchy. Can be pretty nifty at times.

One note here, it does not work on User Widgets. In this case, you can use Content Color of the parent.

Thanks for the response but unfortunately still not working.
I tried to add a widget in another widget and still not working.

Not sure what to say. With root set to light blue:

Image from Gyazo



Border inherits colour from the root’s foreground colour.

Perhaps you’re just confusing its functionality - Set Foreground Color does not do anything on its own - it serves as a colour other widgets sample and optionally apply as their own tint.

Thank you both of you for the answers,
Yes, I finally did it, my problem was that I haven’t known about Inherit option.

You are both amazing!