Set focus not seeing client

Hey folks, newb question Im sure, but Ive been starting to setup my AI behavior tree and I have run into a problem where set focus only sees the server player. My AI perception seems to work fine It prints a message when it sees either the server or client player but stripping everything down to just the set focus, if I have the server player stand off in the corner and I approach the AI with the client player it immediately turns and looks at the location of the server player. My understanding is that get player character index 0 is always giving me the server character but I dont know how to get the specific player the perception has detected passed to the set focus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your AI perception is providing you with an actor reference variable which has triggered the perception event? So, you need to pass this actor reference to this EventReceiveExecute and feed it into the SetFocus I think.
My apologies if I have misunderstood your problem.

Not exactly. So my AI controller is doing a perception check and casting to my default character class and then just telling the blackboard key that it can see the player. Then the behavior tree fires off the set focus task to focus on the player but as previously mentioned it only sees the server player. So the perception isnt actually sending any location data. The set focus is just pulling it from get player character(but not getting any clients)

Nevermind, Im guessing the video I watch that set this up simply doesnt work anymore so I found a different way to do this.