set flipbook doesnt work

Hi im having some trouble with bp heres what im trying to do

When the player presses a button while the button is held down the flipbook will change but when they let go it will change back to the original flipbook.

So theres an attack flipbook and a idle flipbook

And my bp goes like this

Attack ----- released set flip book idle
Pressed set flip book attack

Sorry about not having an image of the bp im typing this all on my phone

My bp sequence is stored in the 2dsidescrollercharacter blueprint

Basically the problem is it compiles but doesn’t work

If anyone could give this complete newbie some insight into what i am doing wrong that would be great.

My bp sorry if the quality of the image is bad

Picture is readable at least. Hmm, “Sprite” is the name of a Flipbook component in that same blueprint I assume? It would have to be since its not throwing errors. I’m not sure on this one that setup should work. I would add a print string to the end of those to test if its registering your input.