Set filename while taking a screenshot

I need to save a huge amount of screenshots of the same scene while applying different shaders and stuff, I can easily call Execute Console Command from blueprint passing by HighResShot X (where X is an int).

My point is:

Could I set the filename by myself? Would be great to be able to have something like that:

  • SCENE_001_TAKE_001_RGB.ext
  • SCENE_001_TAKE_001_IR.ext
  • SCENE_001_TAKE_001_THERMO.ext
  • SCENE_001_TAKE_001_DEPTH.ext
  • SCENE_001_TAKE_001_STUFF.ext


I’ve created a Blueprint Function Library with a static method that calls FScreenshotRequest::RequestScreenshot where I’m able to set a FString as filename
(RequestScreenshot | Unreal Engine Documentation)


Could you explain how to use the C++ code you provide to access it with Blueprints. I’ve done some researchs but it’s still quite confusing for me.


,Bump, It would be really helpful to see the code snippets you used. I haven’t been able to get this to work.