Set Environment Variable at install

So the other night I ran into an issue when setting up a project for myself and a friend. We’ve installed UE4 in different places. So the C++ Project I setup has my paths hard coded:

So when my buddy goes to retrieve the solution from our Stash (Git) server, he ends up with my paths and vice versa when I grab his changes.

To solve this issue I’ve had us setup environment variables to point to our UE4 installs to avoid future issues. I think this would be a good addition to the basic install as it would solve future headaches instead of having to edit everything in the solution every time we setup a project.

Hi Infected,

The workflow that we use internally is to run GenerateProjectFiles.bat (or use the shell menu option) on each programmer machine and not check in the solution / vcxproj files, since they’re effectively intermediate build products.

Michael Noland