Set Enemy Behavior Tree Bool value from PlayerCharacter Blueprint

I’m trying to set a bool value in an Enemy behavior tree that’s triggered by Player’s ‘Event Any Damage’.
It doesn’t seem to be setting anything.
Am I going about this the right way?

Ok, so you want to set the “IsThreat” boolean of the BlackBoard that the AI has INSIDE the PlayerBlueprint as soon as THE PLAYER gets damage?

Event AnyDamage is called by “Apply Damage” and stuff like that. You can pass things to Instigated By and DamageCauser. In your Screenshot, you are only
showing the Event AnyDamage, so i need to ask you:

Did you passed the AI to the “Instegated By” Input at the part where you call ApplyDamage on the Player?
(Also DamageCauser would be more suited for this. It makes no real difference, just that DamageCauser is the Actor damaging you and Instigator
is the one that made this all happen in the beginning. Example: DamageCauser is a Bullet, Instigator is the Player who shot it.)

Yes, I believe I have the “Apply Damage” set up correctly.
In my character’s Event Graph I have: Event AnyDamage -> Get Blackboard -> Get Display -> Print - - and it prints out “EnemyAI COntroller_C_9.BlackboardComponent”. (As seen in orange in top left). Is that what should be printed?

Here’s an image of 1)Print String in game (orange text) 2) My characters Event Damage 3)The Behavior Tree & Keys
Am I Not targeting the right value?ebe41e6b6794e910166ba5504b54ed3754dc8893.jpeg