Set editable text to equal string when button from another widget is pressed

I have a widget with a button and an editable text box, and another widget with just an editable text box. What I want to happen is in the first widget when I type into the text box then click on the “enter” button, the text box from the other widget will be set to equal the text that I just typed into the text box from the first widget. I’ve tried a couple different things, but each time when I click on the button nothing will happen. Right now I’m currently trying to just set the second text box to equal a test string when I click on the button, but nothing happens when I do that either.

Any help with this would be great!

You did not include any details regarding how this is set up / organised so here’s something agnostic:

  • clicking a button pulls text from box and pushes it into another.

This worked! Thank you so much! And sorry about that I just realized I forgot to include that info.