Set Draw in Virtual Texture node not working

Hi there. This picture shows two static meshes (the planes towards the top) set to draw to a runtime virtual texture using the details panel. It also shows several spline mesh components placed in the construction script (the line of planes towards the bottom), that are set to draw to the same runtime virtual texture using the “Set Draw in Virtual Textures” (primitive component) node.

Here is what is drawn to the virtual texture:


As you can see, only the planes that have the RVT set in the details panel are actually drawing. So what gives? Here is the BP, very simple.


From what I understand, this should make the spline mesh components draw to the RVT, but they do not. Please help if you can.

It does work. I was making a dumb mistake. Check your variable assignments. :slight_smile:

What was your mistake ? I have the same problem. How did you solve it ?