Set Dino starting level


Is it possible to set the starting level of a dino? I want to have all the dino’s that are spawned to level 1. How can you do this in the dino blueprint?

Thank you in advance!

You can do this by editing Dino_Character_BP and setting “dino base level weight entries” to only have 1 entry with a level range of anything to 0.25.
However, be aware that wild dinos do not level up, they forever keep the level they spawned at, so this would effectively make only tamed dinos above level 1.
I would strongly advise against doing this unless you’re absolutely sure it needs to be done, as it will severely take away from anything dino-related in the game.

Huh? Why 0.25? How does that number become level 1?

Because the game’s difficulty works that way. At minimum difficulty, dino levels are divided by 2, at maximum, multiplied by 4. Level is an integer value so it is rounded, but I’m not sure if up or down - hence 0.25, as multiplied by 4 that is exactly 1, so it won’t go above.