Set defaults for texture import?

I need to import a lot of textures and want to apply specific mipmap + compression settings. Is there a way to set the defaults for any texture imported? Or an efficient way to bulk-set details?

  1. Highlight the assets in your Content Browser
  2. Right click, select Asset Actions, then Bulk Edit Via Property Matrix
  3. You can bulk-edit the properties in the right-hand menu

Thanks. Yeah I find that process can be pretty slow. Opening a bunch of assets that way can take a long time even for small textures. Was hoping I could set defaults and avoid that process.

Well, you could just filter by Texture type and press Ctrl-A. I assume that that the process is slow because you have several folders, correct?

Thanks, all good now. I might have been hitting an editor bug before, as if I opened just 5 textures this way the property matrix window was taking a very long time to open. Upon editor restart it is opening up quickly.