Set Default Blueprint Character

Hi !

Im searching for a while how to set by default the blueprint character !

I have create a Third Person Project with starter content, so the blueprint character by default is FirstPersonCharacter.
I have import the Animation Starter Pack and i want to put the ASP_Character as the default blueprint character but i cant find how to change it,
i search in the Project Setting and somewhere else, but nothing :(.

Thanks in advance for your help !

You have to open the character bp - at the right side of the viewport you can see the component tab - select the mesh - change it to your character + also change it to the right animation bp :slight_smile:
When the package already includes the character bp, you just have to do a double click on the gamemode bp - add the new character bp to the pawn

Ah okay,
keeping the original bp was my first though, but when i saw that the animations dont work i tryed to put the ASP_Character as the default bp vainly ^^.
I dont know why but now, all work ! :wink:

Thanks for your helpfulness !

Hi, i up this topic to know if its really not possible to change the default blueprint character like on the 4.1 version ?
Thanks !

If I understand what you are trying to accomplish, this can easily be done by deleting one Hero_HTTP skeleton from one folder and replacing it (when prompted in the window that will pop up) with the other Hero_HTTP skeleton since they are identical. Now both ThirdPersonAnimations and the animations from the Animation Starter Pack will work for both the FirstPersonCharacter and ASP_Character, regardless of which one you have set as the pawn in the Gamemode Blueprint.
*Note: there is currently a bug where the animations will “dip” below ground level when blending between these animations. So, until this corrected, you might want to stick to one animation set or the other.

Hi Steve,

In fact, im following this tutorial : Using Layered Animations | Unreal Engine Documentation
And the first step is : change the default player controller class, but the way to do it dont coincide with the current version i have (4.8).
So, i tryed the tutoriel using the original blueprint but it dont work, maybe i do it wrong s:, or maybe the current (outdated) tutoriel dont allows to do this ?

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the possible spelling mistakes ^^" !

Following the tutorial in 4.8, it is working for me if I set the character up as pictured above. Granted, there are some minor differences like the character being called “Ue4ASP_Character” instead of “ASP_Character” the principle is the same.

Ah great ! That was i were looking for !
Thank you !