Set custom Debug log channel printing to false?

Hey there,

I’m setting up custom debug log channels as explained here:,_Printing_Messages_To_Yourself_During_Runtime.

Two question, first of all where is the documentation for


? My laptop is too slow to run unreal through visual studio with intellisense on, and Visual Assist doesn’t give me any help on the declare log category. I seriously had to fill in jibberish into the parameters so it would give an error letting me know what type it expected.

Second and more importantly, how do I change the default of a custom debug log channel to “don’t show”? I wanne have multiple debug channels for a lot of stuff that’s prone to breaking, so when something breaks I can just turn the relevant debug channel on and see what’s happening. I don’t wanne get a ton of Debug messages every time I open unreal because all these custom debug categories are showing by default.

Help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

here’s how you do it

If anyone else is looking for this in the future, here’s how it works.

DECLARE_LOG_CATEGORY_EXTERN(customLogCategory, param1, param2);

the second and the third param are both of type ELogVerbosity

DECLARE_LOG_CATEGORY_EXTERN(customLogCategory, NoLogging, Warning);

If you set it up yourGame.h as this example. The debug log’s will not be printed by default in the output log in unreals editor.
Type “log customLogCategory” (without the “”) in the output log window to start showing your debug logs.

Do note that if you switch argument 2 and 3 this does NOT WORK. This is probably very logical if you can find the documentation for DECLARE_LOG_CATEGORY_EXTERN. but as I mentioned before, I can’t :slight_smile:


It is an old post but if someone takes a look at this post, here a bit more details about logs:…ategory-macros

When @ThomSip declares

DECLARE_LOG_CATEGORY_EXTERN(customLogCategory, NoLogging, Warning);

NoLogging: (wiki page’s quote):


That’s why when you switch these arguments it does not work. **NoLogging **is lower than **Warning **so nothing will compiled.