Set controller based on level

Hey, does anybody know how to change the charachter controller based on which level im in? Help would be appreciated!

Do you mean the player pawn? Just open level blueprint, on EventBeginPlay → get game mode → cast to your game mode → drag from game mode → set default pawn class.


On the right side world settings panel you can change the “default” game mode for that specific level. You would need to have a custom game mode for each new combo of player controllers/pawns/HUDs that you want to change. Then select that game mode for the default on that level and it will automatically set “player controller/player pawn/HUD etc” for the level.

Oh darn! I really need to start reading closely. For some reason I read player character. Well it is late and I am sleepy :-p

Wasn’t the solution, but i found the answer in the world settings under gamemode override

Your answer got accepted, I got the up vote, I think everyone is sleeping on this one haha