Set Control Rotation of player character in another blueprint

I am wondering how I can use [Set Control Rotation] node outside of the Character Blueprint. I would like to change the rotation of the player when the game starts, so how would I go about doing that. I have tried the following (See Image), but it doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated.

I believe I need to cast from something other than the MainCharacter (MainCharacter is what I named my character blueprint).

I’d start off by trying to use SetRelativeRotation on the character’s capsule, rather than using SetControlRotation on its Controller.

Should work, may depend on the way MainCharacter is configured (but that shouldn’t be a problem).

to set the control rotation of the character from a different blueprint you first need to get a reference to the character, then get that characters controller, then finally set the control rotation. note that you may also need to set the character rotation also depending on your setup. for instance setting the control rotation on the thirdpersoncharacter will only affect the camera so you would need to set the characters rotation as well.

the below picture shows an example of modifying the player characters control rotation. i added a little bit here for testing where it increments the rotation by 45 each time the script is ran.

This sort of worked, but not in the way I wanted it too. I couldn’t get the character to rotate on the Z (Yaw), but it worked for the other options. I have no idea why tho…

This didn’t work. I believe that my setup differs from yours since I am using a Paper 2D character and an orographic camera. Your answer is of course correct, but for my example, it doesn’t seem to work.

Can’t tell for sure without looking at your setup, but I’d try maybe using an AddRelativeRotation node, instead. Could work better, worth a shot.

You could have a constraint enabled somewhere, or a number of other configurations that might do this, can’t help much more without knowing more about your character blueprint.