'Set Control Rotation' is missing?


I’m trying to rotate the player’s camera, and using Set Relative Rotation doesn’t do anything. I have read that I should use ‘Set Control Rotation’, but I can’t find it anywhere. It seems like it’s not in the list of functions when I right click.

Am I missing a step or something?

whoops, meant ‘Set Control Rotation’

Look for “Get Control Rotation”

Ah, yes, that’s it. I just drag the Set node out of that. Thanks.
Also, it seems that if I’m rotating the camera using that node and a timeline to set, say, the new roll value, it also locks my pitch and yaw. So, is there a way to rotate the camera’s roll over time without losing control of it?

I think you link yaw to pitch and pitch to you. Check this or look at this - YouTube

Alright, thanks.

You can edit your post if you see something like that to either add more information about your issue or fix mistakes like that :wink:

I did that for you this time but keep that in mind.

Cheers :slight_smile: