set "content type" category on steam workshop

hi there
i hope you could help me here.
when i upload my mod. for example the bridge.

how can i set it to the ‘structures’ category?

some mods are found when using this search filter in steam workshop. but i can’t find the place to set this tag.

This is not editable by us. ARK devs are trying to get steam to resolve this issue. (This was the last I heard)

I looked into it some time ago and the general gist is that the process is supposedly automatic, at least it is for some games. It could be for ARK as well, but it just may not be able to accurately identify the types - which is understandable given the context.

Steam removed the ability to customise the tags purely because of abuse across all workshops some time ago. I don’t expect they’ll change their stance quickly, if ever.

I have seen mentions of custom tools that were built for some of the games for people to edit the tags, but then there were conflicting posts about that too.