Set Color of Sphere?

When references a shape (Sphere in this case), I can Get the Color, but I can’t find to Set it.
Is this possible?



In blueprint before runtime : In component tab / details / shape click triangle under sphere radius. During runtime : I don’t know ^^

Hehe, yeah, in Runtime is the whole point. I wanna work with just the shapes for debugging before throwing in… What 'ya call it? Art?

Search the Docs for Material Instances, Material Parameters, and Material Parameter Collections.

That will basically give you everything you need to expose a node in the Material which you can then modify from blueprint.

I’ve check and this is not the material (sphere is totally covered by material) of the sphere but the color of the lines when there is no material on it. And i haven’t see a way to change it. But i totally agree that instead of changing color, doing a DMI simple color would be ok for goal needed.

Sorry for bump up a 2017 thread, but have the same question and does not find an answer.
How do I change collision sphere color in blueprint?

Some tabs have *advanced *panels. There are some properties that cannot be modified run-time, though, like some fonts settings and the above, too.

Thank you for your answer. But we had a misunderstanding here. With “in blueprint?” I do not mean the properties, I mean with blue print scripting on runtime.
So, still would be cool if someone can show a way to do it on runtime in BP or perhaps someone having a small code snippet to expose such a C++ functionally from C++ to BP.