Set collision of projectiles correctly

hello dear nerds^^ ,hehe

my character fires a projectile, the projectile has a “capsule”.

I would like the capsule not to react on the enemy character capsule, but on the mesh of the enemy character.

I thought that I could set this in the projectile’s collision presets, to which objects it reacts and how, but the character’s mesh and capsule are both of the “Pawn” type, so if I ignore Pawn, everything is ignored.

Do you have a creative idea?

Thanks guys :wink:

You could create a new Collision type (Object Channel) “PlayerCharacrter” and set that to your player mesh then set the projectile to ignore the pawn and react to the new collision type. This is done in the collision section of Project settings.

Exactly what I was looking for, works out very well, great praise Seed37.