Set collision Object Type function of a destructible Mesh does not work?

What I’m trying to do is selecting which of my enemies get affected by a radial force impulse.

I thought the smartest way about it would be to limit the affected Object types and changing the Collision Object Type of the enemy when it should be affected. Sadly, that does not seem to work. If I just pick the collision type from the getgo, it does get affected, if I however call the function to do that while playing, it does not seem to matter. I made sure that the set collision type function gets called before the radial force impulse gets fired.

Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I have conducted a little minimal test on a minimal example to check and I really think the system is not working as it is supposed to. I tested the following: Create a destructible mesh out of the twinstick ufo, made a blueprint out of it and attached a radial force component.
The Radial Force only affects Destructibles. Then I hooked up the radial force to the begin play with a small delay. ufo gets destroyed. Then I changed the object type to pawn and hooked up the following:

No destruction. Am I missing something or should that suffice as evidence?

Hi TeamFlow,

First off, which version of the editor are you currently using?


The Radial Force only affects Destructibles.

Because of that, the Radial Force will never affect the the Pawn. You must set the Radial Force to interact with all of the collision types that you want.

You can do this on the fly with the ‘Add Object Type to Affect’ node.

Hello Sir TJ,

I use version 4.7.2 of the Editor. Was my Test Setup not clear so you could not reproduce it? I will be happy to explain it in more detail or prepare a project to upload somewhere! (I played around with the system for 3-4 nights so I hoped I did understand what it’s supposed to be doing before badgering anyone here.)

I’m sorry if I’m misunderstanding. Here is what I did:

I set mine up like you have pictured above in a new 4.7.2 project.

As long as the ‘Radial Impulse’ was set for ‘Destructible’ and ‘Pawn’, it would destroy the destructible mesh every time regardless whether the ‘Set Collision Object Type’ was set to destructible or pawn.

The only time I experienced what you described was if I set the ‘Radial Impulse’ to only affect ‘Destructible’. Which is intended functionality with this setup…

Okay, let me step you through my thought process so you know what I’m trying to do.
You have a bunch of enemies next to each other. While they are alive, no destruction should set in. As soon as one dies, a radial force gets fired. However, that force should only affect the dead enemy, not the other enemies nearby who are still alive and might be in the radius of the impulse.

That’s why I thought I just change the Collision Object type of the enemy when he dies so only a dead enemy can be affected by that impulse.

My understanding was that the Set Collision Object Type sets the type you can see on the right, The Object Type in the Collision Subpart. And that’s what my little test setup should test.

If you have the destructible Object type set to Destructible from the getgo, the radial force affects it. If you however set it to pawn and use the Node to set it to destructible ingame, it does not affect it and thus I think the node is either not working like it is supposed to or it is working differently than I expected it to! I hope you now understand my problem. Thank you for your time!

Edit: My previous attempts included trying to achieve what I’d like to do with sleeping/hard sleeping and other stuff I thought might do the trick as well. They all failed. That’s why I tried to do it with that kind of workaround to tackle the problem.

Hi TeamFlow,

Thank you for all of the details and feedback. I was able to reproduce the issue and I have created report UE JIRA-11911 in our tracking software. Our developers will be investigating the issue further and we will post back here with updates as we have them.



Nine years later and we still waiting for that… :wink:

In C++ the same happend (in 2024)

The function:


It seems to work in the constructor… but not at runtime. (UE5.3.2)

See you in 2033 :rofl: