Set Collision Enabled Node Not Working ?

Hello all.
I am trying to disable the default Collision Capsule that comes with character class and activate a Box Collision when character goes to prone. Animations and everything else works perfect but I just seem unable to activate Set Collision Enable for Box Collision.
I just set up a test blueprint to see if pins are actually firing. I connected a Print Screen node just to make sure that if it actually fires. I surely know that it actually gets the signal to activate but for some reason.
I am using a Character Blueprint derived from a base C++ class from a template.

Thanks and here are the screenshots.

Sorry I am confuse do you want to enable or disable collision?

Enable it.

How do you know it’s not working? I mean, what are you trying to do with the box collision? The collision itself is likely enabled, but you have the wrong collision settings on the box, which can lead to unwanted results.

Character’s Collision only works with the Capsule

So even if I add other collision mesh they can not be activated ?
If so I am in deep trouble :slight_smile:

Well I have tried a lot of setting combinations for the last two days. But sure if you have a setup please can you share a screenshot ? I would like to try them too.
Also in the second screenshot you can see my settings.