Set Child Actor (a camera BP) then use Set View Target with Blend

hey folks… I’m using a Child Actor Component attached to a Spring Arm.

Then with Set Child Actor Class, defining a camera.

Finally, following this up with Set View Target with Blend… to activate the camera

It compiles just fine, but this setup isn’t switching the view to the new camera class. Any thoughts fellow devs?

Hey there, why are you setting the child actor class on begin play, why not set it on the component properties? Make sure the ChildActor you are setting as the camera is valid.

hey! I tried setting a completely standard camera actor in component properties…

puzzling, I think it just might be a bug

thank you for getting back to me. yes, I tried it both ways… same result…

Did it work by setting the child actor class in the component properties?

Did you check if child actor->child actor is valid?

sorry, I didn’t… I’m not quite sure how to run an “is valid” check… figuring it was bugged, I moved away from that Child Actor setup… I’m trying a new approach now. Once I get the other details working in my camera rig, I’ll go back again to see if that Child Actor approach might work (because it may really suit my purpose). Thank you for trying to help out :slight_smile:

I would suggest that too, i don’t really rely on child actor components. If you are going another route please close this question :slight_smile: