Set character rotation to camera rotation

Hey guys, I just started a new 3rd person project, really new at this. I was wondering how could I always set my character rotation to my camera?
Ad you can see in the video, it works only when I move, but when I stop moving it doesnt: Unreal Engine Demo 12 29 2017 14 14 28 01 - YouTube .
Also, what you cannot see in the video is when I press “D” or “A” which are move right/left buttons, the character turns to right or left, which I dont want to happen. I always want the character to look at where the camera is looking.

Thanks a lot

if you are using a spring arm component with your camera as a child of it, check the settings to get the result I think you are looking for

I still don’t understand how I lock character rotation to where my camera is looking at

Hey there, try setting Use Controller Rotation Yaw to true on the character default properties. That will make your character use the yaw of the control rotation, so your character will always have its back turned to the camera.

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Thank you it worked!

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