Set CCD on/off in Blueprint?

Hi - is it possible to set CCD on and off on a static mesh during runtime?

CCD is expensive as it checks every tick, so I would like to turn it on and off only when it is necessary.

bump… anyone?

Still a question!

Looks like CCD is BlueprintReadOnly which means you can’t set it in blueprints.

I tried it but its not possible… if you drag wire and try to type “ccd” or “use ccd” there is no node…

Interesting! For something simple like toggling a C++ bool etc…

Is there no BP-equivalent of UDK’s Modify-Property Node…???

I actually bumped into this one today. It sure doesn’t make any sense that it was left out.
It’s very important when creating a Static Mesh Component…

Something changed in last updates? I also need to change it in BPs.

Keep a twin identical static mesh (with CCD) plus one without, and swap them inside the BP?

This sounds like a somewhat easy solution to me. I am really surprised this is read only. Are there any issues with allowing a blueprint to access and modify this? If not I would say just go in and change a few things so this will work in the project. I don’t think you have to be some wizard to pull it off so maybe search around and see about changing it. If you only need to do this a couple times in the project than a couple duplicate meshes as mentioned might be a more acceptable solution.