Set Camera Shake values along Input Axis

So, I’m starting my journey about understanding how to get and set other Blueprints or Actors values inside my Character Blueprint… and it is quite difficult for the moment.

Here I’m trying to increase the values of my Camera Shake Actor being used for my Character’s Camera, along the (Absolute) Input Axis “MoveForward” and “MoveRight” multiplied by 3, so it is not multiplied by just 0 to 1.

Yet… this setup doesn’t work. I tried to plug the Set node into the Play World Camera Shake one with the same result ; but I’m sure this Play node won’t allow to change the values of the Camera Shake Actor itself since it “Plays” and not “Sets”… Also, it seems impossible to change the Camera’s rotation with the Camera Shake values, so…

Can someone point me out what am I not understanding about modifying values from other Blueprints or Actors from my Character Blueprint ?