Set camera fov/focus/aperture for really big scene

I try to make a cinematic and use fov/focus/aperture stuff for my scene (blur background for example) but it doesn’t work, it blurs everything. I think it may be because of the size of the scene : it’s a giant robot (18 meters) in an even bigger hangar.
is there a way to set the camera or anything to play normally with it?

It’s not obvious why your scene has everything blurred.

Make sure you’re setting the focus exactly where you want it. You can use the Debug Focus option to see a purple plane where the focus actually is to confirm.

You might want to turn off some of your post-effects such as bloom, etc that might make it look less sharp.

Blur is controlled by a few physical factors in photography.
The size of the film back. The larger the film/video format (IMax versus super-8 film) produces a shallower depth of field and a smaller film format has more depth of field. That’s one of the reasons phone photos look so sharp without special settings.

The f stop in your camera settings. The higher the f-stop the more depth of field.
f1.8 has a shallow depth of field. f 22 would have a deeper depth of field. With digital you can crank it up as far as you like without practical issues.

The lens emphasizes the depth of field. A long lens will make the shallow depth of field more pronounced and a wide lens makes a deeper depth of focus.