Set byte as bp enum in property panel

Is there a way to set a byte value as a bp enum in the property panel?

I want to declare an enum in c++ level for data assets, but I want to use it only in bp, and also, I don’t want to recompile if a new enum value is added to the enum definition, so I would rather go with BP enum.

My current solution is making the c++ class abstract and adding a blueprint child which can declare the BP enum. Then the data asset instances are using that BP asset.

Would be cool if it could be avoided tho.

So you want to save a byte as a c++ variable, and then interpretate it as a BP enum? You can simply make a select node with the “index” being the byte and the options the different possible enum values.

I want an enum, but I don’t want to recompile the code if I modify it → I would rather use an enum created in BP.

But I want to set its value as an enum in the details panel (giving it default value).

So somehow in C++ would be cool if I could create an enum (UEnum* I guess), say which bp enum to use, and set its value as the enum in BP/details panel.

Okay, but I think the editor needs the type of the enum at compile time. So the only way I can think of doing it now is the same you already described: Create a blueprint based on your C++ class, define a variable with a custom BP enum, and in the C++ methods find the field of the enum variable.

Yeah, I guess it is impossible.
Theoratically it could be known compile time, it would be possible with a macro.

Whatever, thanks for your reply, I’ll do my way then.