Set buttons to control each animation?

Hi. So lets imagine i have created a character with lots of animations for it.
And i also have non character, just a few having a few animations objects.
How do I make the character perform exact needed animation , not all the rest?
How do i set key buttons to perform them? Like button to eat a burger, open door with a hand(not open door blueprint when i come close to it), show middle finger…
How can I make objects perform various animations just because for example 10 seconds passed from game start? Like launch of a rocket within 10 seconds… Or every 10 seconds.
Or some NPC animation. First it speaks, then makes an angry pose, then attacks.
What’s the process of selecting needed animations for NPC, clouds, traffic, etc…?

Hope to get some help, cant sleep because of this questions

Thank you

People, please help! Help needed!

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You can use the “Skeletal Mesh” > “Play Animation” node in Blueprint. For example;
F Key Pressed - Play Animation(EatBurgerAnim)
And for the camera blends, you can use the SetViewTargetWithBlend node.

What about other stuff?

You should watch the Tutorial Videos, everything you ask is explained there

Can you summarise it here? Or at least tell which tutorial?