"Set Blend Space Input" Node?

I’m using “Play Animation” Node to play BlendSpace in CharacterBP not in AnimBP.
It works well, but I don’t have idea how can i input the axis value of the BlendSpace.
Is anyone use “Set Blend Space Input” node? How can i get the target reference ; Anim Single Node Instance?
Please give me some tip~

Sad but this kinda needs a bump >.< I find the idea of using animBP tedious. Figuring out how to tweak the axis data would be very helpful.

I’d just rather not have to copy data over to the animBP(and maintain both), dealing with events seems messy, it just doesn’t make any sense to use it besides the fact it’s got a fancy graph. Will probably use c++ for this eventually, it’s just the PM doesn’t want things in c++ yet. Which is tedious.