Set Beam Target not working

I’ve tried this every which way. I’ve got a beam particle emitter set up and am trying (TRYING) to get the target location to get set in blueprint, however, nothing I’ve tried via any of the online resources I’ve found works. I’ve added source and target parameters to my emitter. My source method is set to ‘emitter’, my target method set to ‘User’. However, no matter how I try to set the target location through blueprints, either by setting the beam target point, setting the beam END point, setting a vector parameter with the name of the target, nothing overrides the target point set in the particle editor. It either uses what’s in the editor or defaults to 0 in world space.

I’ve spent waaaay more time on this than it deserves. I’ve searched and searched and tried everything I can think of to try. If anyone has some secret kung fu to throw at this it would be most helpful.


Lol, figured out the problem. After printing the target point both before and after activating the emitter, I realized that activating the emitter reset all the location parameters to 0/0/0. I had to activate the emitter first, then set the beam target point AFTER!

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